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I think Jerma is selling me on new Warioware

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imagine not having Half-Life on Steam

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the store had mentos soda "with jelly bites" and I got it bc I was curious and I'm gonna be honest I don't get it, why would I wanna chew my drink

upside is: I forgot to check but it's coconut jelly, not animal gelatin

I guess

Mrs. Krabappel and Principal Skinner were in the closet making christian babies and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me, and he asked me "What if we were skydiving and

okay, who had "Braid rerelease in 2024" on their bingo card?

like, they still have to use Apple servers, surely that's a problem

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I'd really like to know how Sunbird/Nothing Chats are doing iMessage on Android, allegedly completely locally and with end-to-end encryption, without breaking Apple's EULA or sth

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Ich hab gestern ein paar aufklebbare fake Steckdosen 3D gedruckt und hab damit auf Arbeit gerade viel zu viel Spaß. #3dprinting

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plant help needed, rotting leaves 

#houseplants nerds, I have rotting leaves on a tradescantia, it is not from the roots. bc I checked them and they were fine. I cut it down and put the cuttings in water and they all rotted, too, after being separated from the rotting plant, and looking fine at first. that was one thing, but now I had a rotting leaf on a croton and I'm panicking that I might have spread a plague. a fungus, a bacterium.
what should I do?

my iPad has decided to not connect to the internet anymore while displaying three bars of wifi, I'm not sure if I should blame Apple or my router because everything else still works

heck yeah, my plan of buying the most basic USB2 hub to distribute 5V to a bunch of devices who insist on using USB as a DC power plug worked out perfectly

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okay, they're changing a lot of parts so it'll probably not just slot in, dang

kinda wanna sell my 256GB LCD but it'd still be an expensive upgrade even if I get a good price for it

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yoo Steam Deck refresh with an OLED screen Bloomberg

hope it'll be possible to upgrade, I pretty much only want the screen upgrade

oh hey, they threw in a music player as a bonus, that's nice

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dang, MK8D just updated to version 3.0.0

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