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Our UIs are designed by a professional design team. We don't accept outside contributions to the UI of the app.

now I had to restart my mouse to get the scroll wheel working again computers are so great

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"my headphones won't connect lemme just toggle bluetooth real quick… why did my mouse stop working"

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cohost is the greatest website in the history of the world, part two.

cohost user sleeps-darkly put together a ridiculous dynamic post: every time it's loaded, the image in the post gets JPEG recompressed so the quality gets just a little bit worse. In less than a day it's gone from recognizable to an unrecognizable blob.

god I love having my wii permanently hooked up at my desk just for the hell of it. can't wait to have all my consoles set up properly so I can fire them all up at a moment's notice and have them all networked up (rn my wii is connected to an ethernet cable going across the room)

nicky flowers on cohost did a post about linking wiis on riiconnect24 and I thought I'd also post my code on here
1526 9685 6344 9567
post yours if you add mine!

go to for how to set it up (or just the base url if you haven't hacked your wii yet)

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the commies are coming for your toothbrush (to add it to the people's botnet)

my personal favorite result of the toothbrush botnet situation is William Gibson weighing in

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fuck yuo *hacks ur toothbrush adding it to my botnet*

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After all these years, I've only just realised that the illustration for @beep's seminal Responsive Design article is itself responsive. 🤦

#typography #webdev #webdesign

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i had hurt my foot at some point during the move, and it hasnt gotten any better

ive turned down the waitstaff position and im looking for work from home and office positions

the money donated for this post has been put to use for grocery and medical funds

thanks yall!

how does Apple still not allow you to set the scroll direction for the trackpad and a mouse separately?

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Microsoft AD is a fitting name because it really is not safe for work

this is the coolest thing I've seen someone make a browser do (unfortunately it doesn't really work in firefox or if you have window management software)

can someone make a TrueNAS fork that brings back the shark logo

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