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Gibt es eig. Wasserflaschen mit Strohhalm, die spülmaschinenfest sind?
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So here's the game I've spent the last.. LONG while working on: Wanderstop!!

So yeah! I'm Animation Lead on this. It's... really nice to be able to talk about it after all this time. I hope people are excited! (If you are, the steam page is here:

why is the geoff stream in such a shit quality?

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the best picture maybe ever. repost 

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I can't stop watching the videos where Lil Johnny makes an impossibly small room livable with galvanized square steel, eco-friendly wood veneer and soft panels for a comfy sleep

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I'm looking to commission a pixel artist for a few large stills/key art for a project .... does anyone know anyone looking for work? ideally sort of grungy/low color count.

not sure how I feel about the new android weather icons but they sure do have more contrast

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PSA: Macht mal euer Flux oder NightShift oder was auch immer *aus*, wenn ihr Vorträge haltet.
(Könnte auch auf ne Checkliste fürs VOC oder die Stage manager...)

#gpn22 aber nur weil grade schönes Beispiel

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Vielleicht kann mir ja jemand aus der Bahnbubble weiterhelfen.
Ich muss mit dem Zug von Ecke Mönchengladbach nach Mailand kommen und verzweifle grade etwas an der Buchung weil sich die Strecke ab der Schweiz nicht über Bahn-International buchen lässt, egal welche Verbindung ich auswähle... (Die Teil-Stücke davor lassen sich alle buchen)

Gibts da irgendwelche Tricks oder andere Seiten die ich nutzen sollte?

my Glasgow case arrived, it's lovely, now I just need something to put in it

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no kink at pride? what are you gonna do to stop me? restrain me?

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money (-), urgent help needed, mutual aid 

I am a domestic abuse survivor working on getting a stable job, but it's going to take me a little while to get there. In the meantime, I am not making enough to make ends meet right now and I don't qualify for government assistance.

I have less £10 in my bank account so I'm currently unable to pay for basically anything right now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated:




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This (use `file`) is probably my #1 make-linux-easier tip. My #2 make-linux-easier tip is did you know vi can just open zip files? And like tgz files and stuff. To vi they are just funny directories. You can use vi to poke around inside zip files and read text files inside of them without having to decompress them.

My #3 tip: run `man -k blarg` (or `apropos blarg`) and it'll search all the man pages on your system for "blarg". If you forget the name of a command you can use this to look it up.

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I think my favorite program in the entire linux/unix toolchain is "file". Did you even know about this program? It's on every system including MacOS and it's magic. You run it on any file and it just tells you what it is. Any file. I don't know who keeps this updated but it supports surprising things. Like it knows Windows file formats. If it's a executable it tells you if it's 32- or 64- bit. If it's an image it tells you the size and channels. If the file extension lies it just figures it out.

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