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(they made grey and opaque pink ones but the pink version was only in the collector's edition which was a bit too much for me to spend on a funny controller)

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absolutely criminal to limit it to 500, you already made the molds just run them til they're worn out

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re: ffxiv Dawntrail first city 

oh, there's a second one! what a view!

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ffxiv Dawntrail first city 

Tullyolal jumping puzzle get

ffxiv Dawntrail non-story minion 


ffxiv Dawntrail 

holy shit what an expansion, what a ride!

oh god Sent is a FFXIV player and he's working SGDQ instead of playing Dawntrail, hope he doesn't see any spoilers

ffxiv Dawntrail, last area 

dang, Erenville's mom is hot

ffxiv dawntrail lvl 99 gear set 

aa this is so cute

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Is your computer just a little too silly? Are you, the operator of said computer also silly? Boy do I have a product for you!

Presenting the >.< Inside Sticker. Show the public what you're really running inside.

Available now at the SFG Store.

ffxiv Dawntrail, mount from the second city 


the media player complication on my watch looks so funny with the brat cover

ffxiv Dawntrail 

those sure were several cutscenes and they were in sequence, hoo boy

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1. firewalls are your friend and if 22 is open then i dunno what to tell you.
2. this thing takes hours to do. that kind of time investment is only going to be made for high value targets which your ec2-hosted wp site is not.
3. is this even practical for 64bit? maybe. probably not.

so, if you’re running a high-value target, 32bit machine without a firewall, by all means feel free to panic.

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Please boost :boosts_ok_gay:

I’ve been trying to keep it together and go for months without asking for help but my debt is catching up to me and my bank is uncooperative about renegotiating my loan to get lower monthly payments. I’m currently late on rent and 1K€ in the red. My salary should arrive soon but I asked for an advance a couple of months ago and it’s going to be subtracted from it. My bank account is currently blocked so I can’t go get food today

I’m in deep shit and idk what I’m going to do. I feel terrible about this because my salary is fairly high and I work 4 days a week but I’m having trouble catching up. Please help if you can, I can’t do this alone. I promise that I’ll set aside a budget every month for other mutual aid posts whenever I get out of this financial slump.

1036,23€/1000€ THANK YOU − I’ll accept more money but consider the goal met (preferred, ko-fi takes a bigger fee)

#mutualaid @mutualaid

I'm not yet sure what I'll use it for but not for want of options, dang

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