re: Crowdfunding, asking for financial aid 

Crowdfunding, asking for financial aid 

Fuck it, accepting donations directly.
Please, any support's appreciated for this massive debt there's still left. Please, we beg you.

Crowdfunding, asking for donations 

@anarchiv the struggle against white supremacy begins by admitting the Beatles kind of suck

so many people never gave up edgelord humor and just shifted the target of their edgy above-it-all attacks to those that aren't stigmatized to make fun of anymore

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Gender Spectrum 

Oh holy shit, I had no idea how close my own spirituality matches the basic tenets of Sihkism.

Spiritual Meta 

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there's a big difference between "poor people shouldn't be poor" and "there should be fewer poor people" and it's fucking terrifying how many people don't notice it.

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It's still a little ways away, but I thought I'd debut the theme song for TAIL Act 3 here now. Originally it was going to be a much more energetic rock song, but then some very Dark Things happened.


Katie Bat - The Long Road

#mastoArt #mastoMusic

common praxis on fedi is cultural erasure because culture bad especially in old school Communist thought ("the only culture is the worker") and nobody has any awareness at all that cultural erasure is actually pretty fucking racist white people horseshit

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