May liberals always see your fangs, and may fascists always feel them.

My mom always accused me of wanting to be Homer Simpson. Well, why not? Dude has a stable marriage and can afford a three-bedroom house while half-assing a job he’s obviously not qualified for. Who wouldn’t want that?

hot take 

If you let anyone who identifies as right-wing have a space on your site, then you have a Nazi site.

Every night that a fascist doesn’t piss the bed in terror is a miscarriage of justice.

Cops back Autism Speaks.
Twitter backs cops.

A prog rock keyboardist played a concert during a thunderstorm. This is how his organs shut down.

Gender, kin stuff, basically the same thing (+) 

The gender of the month seems to be screaming enby possum, squirrel, jackalope, werewolf girl lately.

I am liking the inclusion of possum moods lately.

pol, racism-adj 

When I say “the police are the enemy”, it still shocks me to hear myself say it, even though I know it to be 100% true.

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:boosts_ok: , boosting a request for help, gofundme link, abuse, boosts and resources requested 

an acquaintance from another website just dmed me because they need help escaping their abusive household by wednesday for the sake of their health. i am keeping them anonymous for their safety. there is more detail in the link and if anyone needs proof they've offered to send it to me. if anyone knows any resources that may help this person, please dm me them!

@FreyaManibrandr You missed plenty of summer sales.
Maybe Halloween or Thanksgiving might be a good time.
But first, computer upgrade.

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

Trans pikachu patch I made!

I'm already tall.
I wanna be buff and butch, with a nice silver haircut and two golden earrings.
Blue and silver colour scheme for clothes.


White people: Colonizes every space they find, forces people to behave in a neurodivergent-exclusionary way, and gets disabled, poc and trans people suspended, or bullied off platforms if they don't follow the script.

Also white people: "Why are you cancelling us!!!????!?!?! How dare you speak up against us, we will violate your privacy and drag YOUR dirty laundry out in the open, and then we'll see who the bad guy is!"

Birdsite link, ACAB, Cop Alert

So Odi, one of my adoptive grandchildren was stalked and attacked by someone who was supposedly a good friend of his for his anti-cop tweets.

This "friend" (@PliskinCat on Twitter) happened to be a cop who is physically very built, so you can imagine how this can be intimidating.

What pissed me off the most about this is that he chased Odi down in private messages to gaslight, intimidate and emotionally blackmail him for his anti-cop sentiments, making Odi feel guilty, like he did something wrong when he didn't. And after Odi blocked him, he sent his girlfriend (@Novaloux on Twitter) to stalk and monitor his posts.

So let this be a warning to cut off contact with PliskinCat and his girlfriend when you can, because he's a cop, and he's likely going to harvest your social media posts for any criticism of cops he can weaponize and use against you. He's also been known to be really greasy like hit on trans folk, as a cop. I don't need to explain why that is gross, or terrifying.

Uprising, a meme? 

When people are getting upset about burnt buildings, people reply with "that building was no angel" "it shouldn't have resisted" and "it had intoxicants in its system"

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