The new generation My Little Pony movie is rated PG and makes fun of demagoguery.

“ If you’re upset about regular folk hoarding toilet paper, wait till you hear about how a tiny percentage of rich people have hoarded most of the world’s wealth.”

@JasonReidUK on Twitter

My good graphics card died a while back and in the meantime I have been enjoying the quietness of a fanless not-so-good graphics card. I ended up subscribing to for good gaming performance while offload the noise to outside my house. Whee!

Fellow bi-oriented people, now that non-bianary is coming more into mainstream consciousness, is the term bi becoming outmoded?

Adorable and pathetic, my dog was whining in his sleep.

I am proud trans and happy to be trans! Just want to remind all of you that you are wonderful and valid! I support you completely!

(Art by cinnybunsarefun, StripedGoon, and NLdraws)

I couldn't resist sharing the image more directly.
It me! (not my commish, just my aesthetic) :-D

(via birdsite, hat tips to Ko for finding it)

trolls on the internet: a study (cw psychology) 

•Trolling is an online antisocial behaviour with negative psychological outcomes.

•Current study predicted trolling perpetration from gender and personality.

•Trolls more likely to be male with high levels of trait psychopathy and sadism

•Trolls have lower affective empathy, and psychopathy moderates cognitive empathy.

•Results have implications for establishing education and prevention programs.


A mobile lite RPG where you can play coop and coordinate as a pack to take down big animals, or play PvP.

Oh, My Little Pony movie, why oh why didn’t the parrot pirates have tiny humans on their shoulders!?

I’m still considering two tatoos: one of Twilight Sparkle studying and the other of her flying, as an analogy of me gaining knowledge that has set me free from superstitions and helped me to live better.

some thoughts on that article 

"Even someone with no bad intentions can still cause harm if they’re being ignorant or careless."



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