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I got a iPod Video and filled it with horse music.

Messy day, long post, vomit 

Laptop power adapter stopped working middle of work yesterday.

Today, walk to nearby Apple Store. Not in stock. Delivery won't get it here on time for work on Monday. Nearest one available is at out of town mall over an hour's bus ride away, but they're also low on stock.

It's raining heavily. Bus is half an hour late.

Not been on a bus for so long that I forgot I get hella motion sick on buses. Close my eyes. Suffer through it.

Bus stops about halfway. Driver has done the maximum length of their shift, have to change bus.

Survive for another ten minutes or so on the second bus before I have to get off. Throw up pretty much immediately. End up walking the rest of the way to the mall.

At the second Apple Store. It's busy as hell. Make my way to the section they keep power adapters. One I need isn't there. Teenage girl standing next to me with her family looking for the exact same thing.

Eventually get a staff member to look for it. He isn't sure how many they have. He goes to the store room to look.

He comes back holding one box.

Goddamn funny guy had second one hidden behind his back, the last two left in stock. Buy it, finally, about 3.5 hours after leaving home.

Don't particularly want to get on a bus again, so decide to walk to the nearest railway station instead.

Out of town malls are not pedestrian friendly. Apple and Google Maps both keep giving weird, nonsensical walking directions. Mall is also built next to a former airstrip runway, have to walk all the way around the airstrip perimeter to get anywhere.

Eventually get to the train station. It's rammed full of rowdy people and 80+ police officers. A football match has just ended. Have to wait for another train, and then another bus (which was also crowded, though managed to not throw up this time).

Generally was uneventful after that point. Some unfortunate soul managed to miss the second bus three whole times. Oof.

NFTs are meaningless, exploitative and terrible for the planet and I’ll never buy into them, but goddamn would I like being given $20,000 for doing basically nothing.

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synth who's got a loose neck connection so sometimes you just hear the microsoft USB disconnect noise from another room and they shout FUCK and crumple to the floor

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Imagine, my fursona, but an evangelion.

Thai sticky rice is not interchangeable with Thai jasmine rice. Now I know that, and you do too!

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Long ramble about 9/11 (x-post from Twitter) 

While it's still the day, I might as well post some thoughts.

9/11 is, as you might imagine, one of the most prominent early memories I have. Perhaps, as a result of that, it's an event I've long had a morbid curiosity about.

The event itself was a tragedy, of course. I can't imagine how horrifying pretty much anyone even tangentially involved must have felt. Reading about it still gives me shivers.

I also feel that the US government absolutely exploited the hell out of it in the aftermath.

I can imagine the desire for revenge was probably overwhelming, but ultimately the domestic legislation (like the PATRIOT ACT), ridiculous xenophobia even towards allied nations (freedom fries, anyone?) and pretty much the entire War on Terror were tremendous acts of self-harm.

The War on Terror particularly was just... Worthless? Pointless? "Terror" is an abstract, nebulous, and completely subjective subject. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. It's the perfect set up for an endless, unwinnable war.

(And really, it doesn't take a leap of logic to know that invading, bombing and occupying multiple countries for years on end is only likely to embolden and generate sympathy for those who oppose you.)

(Also, does it even need mentioning that Osama bin Laden, the man they were out to get from the start, wasn't even in any of the countries the US invaded?)

Ultimately, the actions the American government undertook in the aftermath of 9/11 killed hundreds of times more people than the attack itself, did magnitudes more economic damage, and ultimately achieved very little. It makes for an incredibly sorry state of affairs.

9/11 changed the world. On the day, it brought out some of the best in humanity, but since then... It filled the world with a paranoia that still seems unshakeable, and every day since, that has brought out the worst in humanity.

I feel bad when I'm reminded of a friend who is too young to have experienced or remember the world prior to 2001.

I was young, and rose-tinted glasses these may be, but it honestly feels like a great deal of hope and optimism left the world on that day. And it's not come back.

This was a bit meandering. I have twenty years of both idle and impassioned thoughts about all of this that I've never really tried to write down before. Sorry.

(Also, am I the only one who finds the existence of 9/11 memorial gift shops kinda distasteful??)

It's just gone 8pm and I'm finally showered, dressed, and ready to start my day!

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Is it just me or have YouTube adverts gotten way more annoying lately? I’m like, getting ad breaks every five minutes or less, and it’s always the same two gotdamn adverts which I must’ve seen a hundred times each already.

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Kim! booped

Legit why do companies want you to start work at 9am when it's pretty much 11am before I actually have the energy or willpower to start work

CSS Logical Properties and Attributes are really fun. They make me wanna make a website that can work in Mongolian, for no reason at all.

I don't know how folks deal with terminals and code editors with transparent or graphical backgrounds. To me that seems like the most distracting way you could possibly use those things.

This toot brought to you by resetting my terminal settings to fix an issue and AUGH WHY IS IT TRANSPARENT!?!

potentially controversial furry fandom discourse 

- Unless your community exclusively deals with sexually explicit materials, consider pushing those to their own channel/sub forum/whatever and allowing teens to join.
- Don’t assume that everyone over 18 is happy to see porn all the time either (they’re not).
- Don’t assume that because something is kinky that it’s inappropriate for minors. Hell, they probably got the kink from watching cartoons in the first place.

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potentially controversial furry fandom discourse 

On that rather specific note too, how in the hell is someone just coming to sexual maturity and realising they’re attracted to this very-weird-specific-thing supposed to therapise or make sense of it if every related community refuses to let them in?!

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