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ok im going to try being @ticky now catch you on the flip side

ok im going to try being @ticky now catch you on the flip side

the thing where the mobile compose button covers the bottom couple lines of UI so you can’t use the follow buttons is fucking classic mastoson

oh my god haha does mastodon bridge not change your associated account if you sign in with a masto account first??? is that why everyone’s following my old account? fuck lol

Mastodon is the leading social network where you don’t even have to be abused on it to end up wanting to cry

hi are there any good mastodon instances asking for a former alias

@admin @vahnj @noiob hi admins I have friends on who I’d love to be able to talk to, @admins claim to have submitted your federation request form (, but haven’t heard anything back. What gives?

voltron spoilers I guess 

well I’m kind of glad Voltron buried their gays before I bothered watching any of it so now I don’t have to but I’m sorry for y’all who were invested

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This is a long shot, but I don’t suppose anyone knows if there’s a way to play back password-protected Indeo 5 video without having the password?

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like this actually makes it impossible to search our source code or jump to most files in our repositories on GitHub, which sucks because it’s also the source of truth when addressing specific lines of code?

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hi I work at a company called “Buildkite” who make a CI product, half our damn source code is in directories called “build” because that’s the namespace of large percentage of the model objects we use

this sucks

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still being bitten by the fact that GitHub’s repo file search stubbornly ignores directories called “build” in the year of luigi twenty gayteen

looking forward to humans moving into space because it’ll mean we finally have to address the fact that computer time zone representations are currently fundamentally broken

just like anything that isn’t “convection via heat spreader directly onto the user’s lap” would be great honestly

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when will the cowards at Apple make a MacBook Pro that’s got decent thermal management so it’s actually usable in summer

I appreciate what you’re doing but I’m not joining another Slack so long as the platform has zero community safety or moderation features.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it: Slack is *not* a good fit for your community, and they do not want to be.

Steam: to take on Discord, we’re launching an extremely broken chat service

Discord: we’re uh, selling games now I guess

today I learned: git emits some warnings which are fatal

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