Oops! Been forgetting to log in here.

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Hi new folks! Sorry your old server died, feel free to make yourself at home and stay as long as you like!

If you haven't had the chance definitely consider taking a quick peek at our about/more page to acquaint yourself with our rules, staff, and what we're about!



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you, reading this right now, are cute and great

proceed with your life having availed yourself of this truth

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We grew up with fewer positive interactions with humans, and more time to focus on everything else in the world.

We have to either make our peace with the rejection of family and tradition, or learn to radically reinterpret them.

We have to fight against consensus reality just to express our identities and live our lives.

Queer people are magic.

It's not that we're born with some secret chosen-one destiny.

It's just that we get plenty of practice at it.

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I'd like to also let everyone know we're recognizing @indi's work for awoo.space by giving them a staff position!

They currently will not be taking funds from the Patreon but I wanted to let everyone know we're recognizing them as our official UI/UX consultant, and they were a huge help in reviewing our new about/more page.

*celebratory awoos*

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ok I love jokes but wrt the @creatrixtiara post I just boosted:

When a PoC says something #onhere, we neeeeeeeed to be listening, we need to amplify and give platforms, we need to not minimize.

Mastodon has a whiteness problem and it cannot be solved unless we acknowledge that white supremacy lives in furry queers as well as techbros

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Remember the reason for the season! It's sex. Plant sex. Animal sex. You're one of those. The reason for the season is sex. Have some sex <3

Might be wise of me to use different avatars on different instances ...

"B-but OAuth-tan, I can't be your girlfriend! If you're in a committed relationship, then you'd have to give up being a single sign-on service!"

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It's remarkable the degree to which the Popular  Mechanics piece on #Mastodon misses the point.

Brand confusion/name squatting can be serious problems--IF you're using the platform as a serious marketing tool.

Most of us are here precisely because we were sick of being on a platform that was a serious marketing tool. So maybe the lack of professional tools to promote and protect your brand are mostly a feature (and I say that as an IP lawyer who kinda takes brands seriously).

Every time I hear "OTP" in security contexts, I hear "One True Pairing" in my head.

"Oh, RSA-senpai!"

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They all keep asking what an awoo is, but it's hard to explain other than by example. Ahem.


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