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hey if Parasite got yall hungry for more korean film, the Korean Film Archive has a youtube channel with over 200 free subtitled movies

I think I liked Mastodon's profile directory (/explore) a lot better when you could actually browse it by interest / hash-tag.

Now it just feels like a random list of users?

You can still browse it by hash-tag if you manually edit the URL though:

hey ‍s is there any reason why I shouldn't self-host Mastodon email? just the outgoing stuff Masto produces

Had to have high high hopes for a livin'
Gonna play Myst and then the sequel Riven

me: *switches Gnome 3 to Adwaita Dark* ah nice
weird Java app I'm using: uh yeah sure let me invert either the background or the text but never both
me: *switches Gnome 3 to Adwaita*

and yes I'm aware I'm probably the last person to figure that out

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I've played through Warioware Gold in one sitting yesterday and tbh the whole series is underrated

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even if you've been on Masto for a while now, I strongly recommend checking out because people are doing incredible stuff

my project for Masto monday is updating/ fixing up the awoospace server and getting ready for a transfer to a new one

also I posted this I guess

hey is there anywhere to check why specifically /health is failing?

hey its and might i remind you that all the best content can be found right here on typhlosion at awoo dot space

Me: Hey Mastodon, you wanna see some ~*SPICY PORN*~?

Mastodon: that is acceptable.

Me: how about some drawings of elderly men in dresses knitting and offering you cookies

Mastodon: AMAZING 👍👍💯✨ I LOVE 👍👍👍💯💯✨ :AAAAAA: 😍 :owi:

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