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Welcome new users! Please go read our code of conduct. I don't have a lot of time on my hands so I may overstep what I would normally do for account suspensions and management.

We're a small community here with a large focus on creating a safe space- discussion is allowed, but tag your stuff if it's potentially harmful!

I'm not a furry or scalie but I think they are cute and awesome.
Am I good?

❕ Hey, new folks, noiob here, I am (currently the only) mod here on awoo (we're pretty smol). There's been concern about influx due to the stuff. I'd like to remind you that we are not "yet another instance" but an experiment to provide a safer space than the mastoverse currently is.

That includes us having a stricter federation policy: You will only see posts from whitelisted instances here (currently only iirc).

If Masto users take something to heart, I hope it's that "so fire up your own instance" can't be the answer for every person and every problem. is explicitly a safe space. If that phrase makes you scoff, please show yourself the door. If it sounds kinda nice? Well, maybe you belong here.

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not :clap: all :clap: trans :clap: women :clap: are :clap: buns, but we do hop.

Hi awoo.spacers-

If someone has a strobing avatar, please report the account to me if it's visible here. I will silence them so they cannot show up in notifications and the PTL.

For others: if you were silenced for this and wish to ask for the ability to interact with again, make sure you don't use a strobing avatar again, and please message me over at since I won't get it here.

This in mind, I'm fairly awful because I'm honestly going "yea this isn't good enough" like I'm someone in that status. Because, ya know. F me.

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That job thing.
I'm glad I have some employment, but quite frankly it is a contract position that is just very odd. It's going along Carmel to various offices and creating a backup for when a PC's lease is up.
This wasn't the job I applied for, and given the mixups in communication during this whole thing, and the oddness of the hiring process, I doubt I will stick around long, no real sense of growth, christianity, and honestly, disturbingly shit technologies and procedures.


The youngling got in a fit because Link couldn't join the Zora as one of them before bedtime.

Awoo Space is a Mastodon instance where members can rely on a team of moderators to help resolve conflict, and limits federation with other instances using a specific access list to minimize abuse.

While mature content is allowed here, we strongly believe in being able to choose to engage with content on your own terms, so please make sure to put mature and potentially sensitive content behind the CW feature with enough description that people know what it's about.

Before signing up, please read our community guidelines. While it's a very broad swath of topics it covers, please do your best! We believe that as long as you're putting forth genuine effort to limit harm you might cause – even if you haven't read the document – you'll be okay!